Immigrants Insurance

Green card holders have access to the same health insurance options as US citizens. They can purchase health insurance plans from private marketplaces, such as igg, that offer affordable and convenient coverage.

These plans typically include coverage for doctor visits, hospitals, evacuation and ambulance services, making them suitable for temporary workers and immigrants. Having health insurance as a green card holder can protect against costly medical expenses, accidents, and other unfortunate events.

Acquiring medical insurance for parents with green cards can prove to be a crucial investment in safeguarding their well-being, ultimately preventing excessive expenditures on medications.

Certain health insurance options available to green card holders also include coverage for the necessary medications and hospitalization related to the potentially fatal Covid-19 virus.

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Advantages of Health Insurance for green card holders

Health insurance for green card holders includes coverage for certain critical illnesses. By obtaining medical coverage from igg, individuals can access these important benefits.

Health Insurance for green card holders often includes coverage for prescription medications. This is particularly beneficial as prescribed drugs can be costly and can significantly impact your finances.

Obtain assistance for your pre-existing conditions: It is undeniable that healthcare costs in the United States are exorbitant. Certain health insurance options for immigrants and green card holders offer support for pre-existing medical conditions.

Why choose us for Health Insurance for green card holders?

Affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage options

Extensive network of healthcare providers

Specialized plans tailored for green card holders

Easy and hassle-free claims process

Excellent customer service and support

Additional benefits and discounts for preventive care

Flexibility to choose from a range of plans and coverage levels

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Health Insurance for Immigrants – Why

Health Insurance for Immigrants is an essential safeguard that aims to shield immigrants from exorbitant medical costs. These reasonably priced plans encompass a wide range of benefits, including coverage for doctors’ visits, emergency care, hospitalization expenses, maternity services, prescription drugs, and more.

The health insurance options for new immigrants include both fixed benefits and comprehensive coverage plans. The fixed benefits plan offers basic coverage at an affordable cost, while the comprehensive plan provides a wider range of coverage. Insurance carriers such as Lloyds, AIG, and Nationwide underwrite our immigrant health insurance plans. To find the best plan for your specific needs, you can compare detailed information about multiple options available.

Health insurance for immigrants can be obtained through various methods including phone, online, mail, or fax. Payment options for the premium include money order, check, credit card, or wire transfer.

Some US consulates and embassies located in foreign countries may require proof of sufficient health insurance for immigrant coverage. In these instances, it is recommended to apply online through our website as the necessary documents confirming insurance coverage will be promptly available for download or via email upon purchase.